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scene is the new emo

Name: Dustin Lee
Age: 16
Location: Bethel, Ohio
Any siblings?: Yes, 2 older sisters

Hobbies: local shows, tipping over garbage cans, skateboarding, internet, watching tv. eatin, and sleeping.
Top books: i dont reallr read books. but i would say fight club
Top movies: fight club, napoleon dynamite, resident evil, donnie darko, spongebob movie
Top tv shows: invader zim, fairly odd parents, drawn together, family guy, anything on adult swim except anime.
Top 10 bands: the bled, converge, every time i die, as i lay dying, daughters, quantice never crashed, blood brothers, fear before the march of flames, dead to fall, between the buried and me

Who are your role models?:  my friends band the red light pledge. they are the most amazing group of stapping young lads i have ever met.
Most memorable experience: probably getting to see the bled in concert. they are a big influence on me and it was great to see them standing right there in front of me playing.
What do you find attractive in a guy/girl?: their eyes. but i mostly dont go for looks and all that. i mainly look for a good personality and if i can be myslef around someone. and someone thats outgoing.
Long term goals in life: i dont really have many goals. i live my life in the moment and dont tend to worry about what will happen tomorrow or in the next few years.

Opinions on...
Gay marriages: im for it. i dont think there should be laws against it either. its love it doesnt matter if you have a dick or a womens parts. if two guys or teo girls love each other they should be able to do what they want.
Suicide: i would not do it. i have thought about it but i thought more about what i would miss out in life and about all of the people i would be hurting and it really isnt worth it.
Abortion: i am mostly against it but if for example a girl got raped by her dad and became pregnant then i think she should be aloud to get one so she doesnt have to live with that in her life on top of everything else.
Death penalty: noone deserves to die and i dont think the law should be killing people. if someone does something worng they deserve to pay for it but that seems a little extreme.
Edge, and are you?: i would rather not live my life by a set of rules that someone made up and if you brake those rules you cnat be in a crew or something. but for those who are edge i dont have a problem with them. some of my best friends are edge. but im not.
Kerry/Bush and any reasons why?: i am for kerry. i like the way he thinks and his views on things. but im only 16 so i dont really have a say in it yet. but when it comes time to vote and im old enough i will be voting kerry.
Censorship?: i think it is good to rate movies based on the contents of the films and stuff like that. but kids are going to try and find a way to see the stuff no matter what because thats just the way things are. you make rules it is garanteed that someone will try and brake them.

Last show you went to (if any):a band challenge but like real show was every time i die, atreyu, unearth, and lamb of god
Are you really scene? If so, why?: i wouldnt say im scene. i am dustin and thats what i am. i dont label people anything. but if wearing tight girl pants and tight band shirts and wearing roos is scene than i guess i am :)
Why do you want to be in this community?: to meet some new people and try and make some friends
Are you in a band, if so give a link: no im not in a band but i help a local band with setting up equitment. this is them http://therlp.cjb.net/
Do you have a myspace, if so give a link: http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=5509988&Mytoken=20041228182402
Name one place you promoted this to: the red light pledge community

Pictures (Minimum of 2):


 lol does this help you in your decision any? ;)


lol jkk. thats it.

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