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scene is the new emo

Name: John
Age: 15
Location: Mexico NY
Any siblings?: yeah, a little sister

Hobbies: since there's no "sports" section, swimming
Top books: democracy in america, 1984
Top movies: anchorman
Top tv shows: the simpsons, arrested development
Top 10 bands: indian summer, rockets&blue lights, jimmy eat world, owen, thursday, brand new, bane, cap'n jazz, sleep station, rockets&blue lights, mars volta

Who are your role models?: i dont have any
Most memorable experience: ummm....... my life is extremely boring, so i'll just say the time i went out to swim camp and chillaxed and brought SCENE LOVE
What do you find attractive in a guy/girl?: eyes
Long term goals in life: i want to go to either stanford or university of rochester and be a lawyer, writer or musician

Opinions on...
Gay marriages: it's okay with me. i believe that marriage has become more of a material thing than the expression of undying love that it was; just a contract you can easily break.
Suicide: it's a confusing concept. once you're dead, you're gone, and naturally you can assume a position of apathy as such, but the people you knew and loved will never be the same. i guess i'm against it.
Abortion: for it.
Death penalty: against.
Edge, and are you?: i think it's incredibly stupid, but i am anyway.
Kerry/Bush and any reasons why?: neither. i saw kerry being interviewed in a clip on the daily show (yes, i know it's biased, but you can't make up video footage.) and i just can't stand bush.
Censorship?: "protecting" people from something they're going to learn anyway.

Last show you went to (if any): that would be Another Breath with No Idols.
Are you really scene? If so, why?: I am unbelievably scene because i am down with Lacoste and Sevens. and i own OOP TEST PRESS SKRAM recordz
Why do you want to be in this community?: scene sluts, elitism prerequisite.
Are you in a band, if so give a link: no.
Do you have a myspace, if so give a link: it's on my info page.
Name one place you promoted this to:

Ironic Myspace Exaggerated Expression Pictures : g

in conclusion, i should be accepted solely because i have a bowlcut. good day.
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