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scene is the new emo, fersher.

Name: margaret. yeah, british pornstar name, i know.
Age: 16.
Location: princeton, nj.
Any siblings?: a 14 year old brother that gives me purple bruises on my arms.

Hobbies: writing. making gum wrapper chains. drawing. i always need something to do with my hands. drinking coffee. falling asleep to pinback and the postal service.
Top books:girl, interrupted. brave new world. catch 22.
Top movies:garden state. pulp fiction. MIDNIGHT MADNESS.
Top tv shows:grey's anatomy. house. i like hospital shows, obv.
Top 10 bands: 1.radiohead. not really a band, more like a way of life. 2.interpol. 3.the postal service. 4.the mars volta. 5.death cab for cutie. 6.pedro the lion. 7.kings of leon. 8. the thrills. 9.western keys. 10. ryan adams.

Who are your role models?: audrey hepburn, marykate olsen (stfu)
Most memorable experience: haven't had one yet. my time will come.
What do you find attractive in a guy/girl?: mystery. awkward, quiet, shy.
Long term goals in life:

Opinions on...
Gay marriages:i used to be adamantly against this. but i've become apathetic.i'm accepting.
Suicide: selfish. but perhaps unavoidable.
Abortion: murder and homicide.
Death penalty: needed.
Edge, and are you?: it's bold. but i am not.
Kerry/Bush and any reasons why?:bush. if only for the abortion reason.
Censorship?: the demise of us all.

Last show you went to (if any):my friend's band. before that, something corporate playing with the academy is... and armor for sleep.
Are you really scene? If so, why?:i'm probably going to need a definition of 'scene'. but from physical appearance and state of mind, yes.
Why do you want to be in this community?: for people's opinions and stuff regarding sceneness. also, it's pretty neat.
Are you in a band, if so give a link: no.
Do you have a myspace, if so give a link:
Name one place you promoted this to: my own livejournal

Pictures (Minimum of 2):Image hosted by
sorry about the size.

Image hosted by Photobucket.commeh. bad picture.

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oh oh. i'm sure they were all over you.
at least, the pretty ones. not the ones that looked like me.

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it's okay, i can relate. Partially, at least. my ocd makes me a pariah at this hellhole called school. people only know the norm, so they are afraid, i guess, of anything contradicting to that. which would be me.

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:] you obviously do not know me well, because if you did, you would see that i use words that are larger than myself at all times.

Deleted comment

I'm glad. Thank you!
i am in love with your t-shirt, as never mind the bollucks is one of my all time fav. cd's! If i knew who you were, even if we were friends, i would totally steal it from you and hoarde it to myself for all eternity + 3 days! Yeah, cause i'm way hard-ass like that. But for now i will just make one with a sharpie and a white t-shirt.
haha aw. i'd let you borrow it. but not for eternity because i lurve it. :]
wow you look really young.
considering i'm only 16, i am pretty young.
i get that a lot, though. it'll come in handy once i'm older, i guess.

please join. happiness is just a click away.